McAfee Problem

McAfee has a known bug with users who have their Anti-Phishing component turned on. This is a
known bug which causes many applications using javascript to malfunction, including image rotations in a page. IE7 already has anti-phishing filters and thus the McAfee version isn't necessary.

The solution is to recommend that McAfee Anti-Phishing system be turned off. McAfee's instructions here:

To resolve this issue, try any of the following:

1. run McAfee Virtual Technician:

2. disable the McAfee AntiPhishing filter:
- open Internet Explorer
- click Extra (This procedure is different for Vista: you need to go into the "Internet and Network" tab and turn off the anti-phishing filter from there.)
- go to the McAfee AntiPhishing filter
- disable the AntiPhishing

3. uninstall McAfee SpamKiller, reboot the PC, then re-install McAfee SpamKiller