Versa-Lok® Accent in Standard and Weathered Wallstones

A slimmed-down version of the Standard unit, Accent units measure 4 inches tall by 12 inches wide. They're lighter than Standard units, but engineered with the same high-strength, low-absorption concrete. Easily installed, Accent units draw minimal attention to the wall, saving the spotlight instead for surrounding landscapes, buildings and homes. For an older more natural look try the Weathered Accent units. The weathering process makes you new units look like they have withstood years of wind and water, with gently rounded corners and a highly textured surface.

Special colors are available upon request.

Versa-Lok® Accent in Standard and Weathered Wallstones

Technical Specifications

  • Type: Accent
  • Dimensions: 4" x 12" x 12"
  • Weight per Unit: 37 lbs.
  • Units per Sq. Ft.: 3
  • Units per Pallet: 48
  • Weight per Pallet: 1,775 lbs.


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