Versa-Lok Cobble Wallstones

Versa-Lok Cobble Wallstones

Cobble Wallstones in Weathered and Standard

Available in both weathered and standard textures, Cobble® blocks are small but strong, featuring strength equal to units twice their size. Approximately half the size of Versa-Lok® Standard blocks, Cobble® units are ideal for smaller jobs requiring high quality.

Cobble Size 8"x6"x12"


Dark Brown Weathered Cobble wall stones

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About half the size of the Standard unit, Cobble units are perfect for planters, small walls and garden-variety projects as well as large, expansive commercial and governmental walls. Smaller and conveniently lighter than a Standard unit, a Cobble unit possesses durable characteristics equal to units twice its weight. Of course, Cobble units use the same top-down pinning systems as other Versa-Lok units, saving you time and installation costs. For an older more natural look try the Weathered Cobble units. The weathering process makes you new units look like they have withstood years of wind and water, with gently rounded corners and a highly textured surface.

Special colors are available upon request.

Technical Specifications

  • Type: Cobble
  • Dimensions: 6" x 8" x 12"
  • Weight per Unit:38 lbs
  • Units per Sq. Ft.: 3
  • Units per Pallet: 48
  • Weight per Pallet: 1,840 lbs.