dutch quality Stone decorative surface stone in Western PA

Dutch Quality Surface and Decorative Facing Stone in Western PA and Eastern Ohio by Nesbit's Landscape Supply

Break the bounds of geography and select a stone style native to another state. Specify Dutch Quality Stone™ and your home will look as though you used natural stone. Yet, you’ll enjoy the lighter weight and cost savings only veneer stone can offer.

Residential Applications:

Dutch Quality Stone™ is in the business of taking ordinary items such as stone and mortar, and creating wondrous works of art. Our catalog has been created to help you envision the various applications that our stone can be used for. Whether you are looking for ideas to redefine your interior or you want to capture the raw beauty of stone on an exterior application, Dutch Quality Stone™ has the profiles and colors to match your every need. Let our catalog inspire you to create something magnificent.

Gallery of Ideas


  • Dutch Quality Stone: Coffee Shop
    Sample Exterior Use for Store Front
  • Dutch Quality Stone: Courtyard
  • Dutch Quality Stone: Interior Applications
    Interior Application: Kitchen
  • Dutch Quality Stone: WallStone
    Surface and Decorative Wall Stones
  • Dutch Quality Stone: Ledgestone
  • Dutch Quality Stone: Country Manor
  • Dutch Quality Stone: Limestone
  • Dutch Quality Stone: Fieldstone
  • Dutch Quality Stone: Weatherledge
  • Dutch Quality Stone: Drystack
  • Dutch Quality Stone: Cobbled Limestone
  • Dutch Quality Stone: RiverRock
Dutch Quality Stone: Coffee Shop
Dutch Quality Stone: Coffee Shop
Sample Exterior Use for Store Front

Commercial Applications

The same attention to detail you see when you look at our stone, you will also see on our production floor. Constant process improvement merged with automated technologies to handle high-volume orders under quick turnaround times provides you with the stone you need...fast. The blend of our old-world craftsmanship and advanced production processes transforms homes and commercial architecture into pieces of art.


Greet the public by adding one of our versatile product lines to your entrance, walkway, or building wall. Our products are light weight, easy to install, and cost-effective. By adding Dutch Quality Stone™ to your future landscaping plans, you will get the look and beauty of natural stone at a fraction of the cost. Pictured below are classic examples of unique creations to which our stone has been applied. In the photos to the left, you can see our irregularly shaped Ledgestone. Featured below is our Cobbled Limestone.

To see a complete catalog of stone samples and a gallery of ideas for residential and commercial uses of our decorative surface stone, download a PDF file here.