Unilock Fireplace Modular Outdoor Design Solutions

Outdoor fireplaces and kitchens are the two most sought-after features among homeowners today. Unilock offers the most popular hardscaping features in easy-to install modular components. Pre-built outdoor design solutions from Unilock® are revolutionizing the industry. No more spending days or even weeks constructing outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and bar islands! Just think of how this will save you time and money, not to mention the aggrevation you saved your customer!

See the Tuscany™ or Barcelona™ Series. See the Many Outdoor Patio Fireplace Modules HERE.

Tuscany Grill

• Easy to sell and are easy to install.
• Incredible retrofit business opportunity.
• Design and sourcing challenges are eliminated.
• Colors and designs match easily with other
Unilock products.
• No special tools or skills are required for installation allowing
you to maximize your crew.
• Allows you to plan your project in phases according to
your client’s budget.
• Constructed with a patented bonding agent
that is 5 times stronger than the concrete used in the features.
• Safe, well designed and have UL-approved fireboxes and grills.
• Each unit has been weight-optimized for efficiency and handling.
If you already own a loader that can lift 4,000 lbs., then
you’re ready to go into business!


Beautiful Home Stone Wall