Non-Weathered Mosaic Versa-Lok Wall Stones

Non-Weathered Versa-Lok Mosaic Wallstones

Create eye-catching designs by combining all three Versa-Lok® units to form the seemingly random-patterned Mosaic Retaining Wall System. Attractive and durable, the Mosaic system utilizes the same four-unit panel
(10" x 24")– consisting of one Standard, one Cobble and two Accent units–giving each wall a vintage look and feel. Although its pattern may seem complex, the simplistic four-unit Mosaic panels are just as easy to install as our Standard, Cobble or Accent Retaining Wall Systems. For a more unique look try Versa-Lok® Weathered Mosaic blocks on your next project. The Weathered finish adds the appearance of graceful age, as if the blocks had been gently shaped by years of weather, while the casual pattern adds an element of surprise.

Mosaic Panel: 1 Standard Unit, 1 Cobble Unit, 2 Accent Units

Versa-Lok Mosaic Wallstones


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Technical Specifications
Type: Accent Cobble Standard
Dimensions: 4" x 12" x 12" t6" x 8" x 12" 6" x 16" x 12"
Weight per Unit: 37 lbs. 38 lbs. 82 lbs.
Units per Sq. Ft.: 3 3 1.5
Units per Pallet: 48 48 24
Weight per Pallet: 1,775 lbs. 1,840 lbs. 2,060 lbs.